Solo 2-zen-O

Crossed Wheel

Duo 2-zen-O

Aerial Crossed Wheel Duo


Cyr Wheel

Duo 2-zen-O The aerial duo performance on the "Crossed Wheel”!

Performed by the original creators of this unique aerial apparatus, this sensual and highly emotional performance will powerfully touch you & leave you with unforgettable memories!

International Awards:

–> Gold Piste @ 27th Festival International du Cirque de Massy (2019)
–> Bronze Clown @ 42nd Festival International de Cirque de Monte Carlo (2018)
–> Silver Elefant @ 5th International Circus Festival of Figueres Spain (2016)
–> Silver Idol & Silver Piste @ 3rd “Idol” World Festival of Circus Art Moscow (2015)