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What makes us different & unique?

At 2-zen-O, we work at offering unique in the world performances in the entertainment industry delivered through deep passion and impactful emotions. We strive to distinguish ourselves with the highest artistic quality possible along with state of the art professionalism in every aspects of the process. Every single event deserve our most dedicated commitment to serve the audience with powerful sensory delight and to create an unforgettable all-around experience with each client we work with. We truly believe in strong human relations and experiences, whether on or off the stage!

Our motto:

‘From Innovation to Emotion…!’

Our mission:

Strike every members of the audience with pure beauty, powerful emotions and unforgettable memories.


Jonathan Morin

Creator and founder of 2-zen-O (which is a play on words of ” deux anneaux ” in French, meaning ” two rings “), Jonathan Morin has rapidly built a solid reputation as a uniquely gifted physical artist and an innovative circus performer.
Jonathan was an international competitive gymnast which led him to become an aerial circus artist in Quidam with the prestigious Cirque du Soleil for many years. In constant evolution to become a complete artist, he also studied extensively in the field of acting and also performed as an independent character artist in hundreds of events.
Since 2005, his energy has been solely devoted to developing a remarkably innovative apparatus—the “Crossed Wheel”. With the creation of this unique acrobatic instrument, 2-zen-O was launched. 2-zen-O proudly offers you two extraordinary and exclusive performances, the solo on the ground, and the aerial duo. In 2011, Jonathan has had the privilege to join forces with Cirque du Soleil once again in the production of Dralion but this time, with his very own unique instrument which had never been seen in the history of this world-renowned company.
From 2015 on, the aerial duo performed with the talented Marie-Eve Bisson drew tremendous attention when first launched internationally at “Idol” Moscow Festival by bringing back Silver Awards, followed by the Silver Elefant in Figueres Festival in Spain in 2016. In 2018, it was the Bronze Clown at the most prestigious circus Festival in the World in Monte Carlo, and closer to date, the Gold Piste in Massy Festival in 2019. For the solo, the Bronze Yellow Crane Award at the Wuhan Festival in 2016 in China was added to the list of Awards. In 2019, Jonathan was chosen to be part of the return of the iconic show of Alegria by Cirque du Soleil with his solo performance of the Crossed Wheel.
2-zen-O and the Crossed Wheel innovation have now been recognize throughout the world and continues to offer the highest quality of performances in the 4 corners of the world.

Marie-Eve Bisson

Marie-Eve is without a doubt, a born artist & performer. The entertainment world, couldn’t have been a better faith and fit for her passion of creating and performing.
Since 1998, Marie-Eve has specialized herself at the Aerial Hoop in which she is known to be one of the pioneer. Her passion, dedication and hard work on the aerial hoop has literally made her a virtuoso at it. Starting her circus career directly joining the ranks of Cirque du Soleil, she has presented her performance in over 5000 shows and in more then 45 countries while performing in 3 different shows of Cirque du Soleil, notably, Quidam, Dralion and Kooza.
Combining her extended artistic gymnastics and dance background, Marie-Eve has brought her aerial performances to a remarquable level of acrobatics while polishing it with superb elegance, emotion, and an overall captivating visual harmony that is rarely seen in the field.
In 2007, it was a pleasure to have had the privilege to bring the rare expertise of Marie-Eve to join the team of 2-zen-O, bringing her direct collaboration in the second creation on this unique in the world apparatus. Duo 2-zen-O was born, the Aerial duo performance on the Crossed Wheel has brought back Awards in the 4 major International Circus Festivals it has done thus far. The teaming up of Marie-Eve and Jonathan has truly been a success story with this performance.
Marie-Eve’s experience along with her passion and strong skills has been an unmatchable asset in reaching new summits with 2-zen-O, offering a highly distinguished and sensual new performance to the circus world.