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This spring season ahead is presenting Solo 2-zen-O among very powerful other acts for a 6 weeks tour in the South of Italy! Among those artist will also be seen Marie-Eve Bisson with her legendary aerial hoop performance as one of the best artist on this device in the world. Onwards for yet another great tour ahead!

Solo 2-zen-O is back for the 10th Edition of the Italian production of “Alis” with Le Cirque with the World’s Top Performers from Nov. 11 2022 until January 9th 2023 showcasing in 8 cities in Italy and Brussels in Belgium. Some of the best performers in the world are present here to create a powerful cast for this Holiday season! A great come back after being part of the original cast for the Edition 1,2 & 3.

While this worldwide situation of the pandemic has plunge the entertainment industry in a temporary abyss, 2-zen-O has pull up their sleeves and is making the most out of this situation to both polishing the world renowned Duo 2-zen-O, while Solo 2-zen-O will be offering an entirely new performance to continue to offer the highest quality of performances. 2-zen-O always strives to perfect it’s craft in order to maintain and improve the quality that made our reputation since the beginning of its creation! Onwards…

In 2019-2020, 2-zen-O will have different ways. Jonathan has been called to do the Solo on the Crossed Wheel for the the return of a classic in the production of Alegria by Cirque du Soleil which is set to open in mid-April, while Marie-Eve will be starred in Kooza also by Cirque du Soleil with her solo on the aerial hoop, her long time designated apparatus. Alegria will be touring North America while Kooza will be seen in Europe!

Duo 2-zen-O has just won the Gold “Piste” in Festival International du Cirque de Massy in France. With this Award, the aerial performance came back with a major award in the 4 festivals it has done bringing back Silver in Idol in Moscow (2015), Silver in Figueres in Spain (2016), and Bronze in the notorious Monte Carlo (2018). A beautiful life demonstration that a passion mixed with a vision while never giving up can lead to wonderful gifts of life!